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Prospective Members

What we Offer to All Members:

  • Annual reviews in place of those conducted by the county
  • Mentorship to home educating parents as needed

Additional Benefits for Record Keeping Members:

Record keeping members also receive:

  • Official transcripts for each student annually (electronic or paper)
  • Diploma for graduating seniors at no extra charge

Mixed Level Membership:

Due to the increased amount of reviews and paperwork associated with Record Keeping membership, many families choose to only enroll their older students in this level, while keeping younger students at the Standard level. We offer this membership as Mixed Level membership. It is the same fee per year as Record Keeping.

Membership Fees

Membership LevelAnnual Fee Per Family
Record Keeping$85
Mixed Level$85

Please Note:

FBCLPEM is an outreach ministry and as such welcomes people of all faiths to participate. However, as a ministry of a Southern Baptist Church, our advisors and our hosts will not participate in or support any activities contrary to the Southern Baptist Faith and Message. We require as a condition of membership that you agree not to attempt to engage our advisors or the church in any activity that may violate this message


Membership will open on 7/15/2023 for new registrations for the 2023 – 2024 school year.