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Advising Process


Action Taken Advisor Action or Responsibility^^
New family applies or current family renews by filling out formNone required
Applicant is notified of acceptance or rejection via emailNone required
If the family is given membership, they fill out a Family Form. This creates the family file for the year.None required
Advisors are notified of renewals and new families by emailAdvisor emails families to welcome them
Membership fees due June 15thNone required
Orientation in August/SeptemberAttend if possible
Meet with new families; optional to meet with renewal familiesSchedule and attend
Educational Methods Summary form is filled out for each student by advisee and sent via email to the advisor. If the family has a Record Keeping High School student, the Diploma Planning Chart should also be submitted at this time Upload PDF to Folder location-click here to go to upload links
This should be done as soon as you receive the paperwork
As deadlines approach, automatic emails will be sent to both advisors and adviseesNone required
Advisees set up review appointments ***– Respond to advisees
– Find a mutually agreeable time/place
Standard Level – Mid-Year Check-In
Family contacts advisor via email, text, call
Submit form via link on Advising Forms Page
Record Keeping – Quarterly Reviews and Annual Portfolio Review
1. Grade Records should be submitted via email to advisor
These forms are the basis of the transcript so please ensure they are submitted!
2. Reviews should be conducted by advisor. Review form should be completed by the advisor during the review

1. Upload using link

2. Submit Review Form
Standard Level – Annual Portfolio Review
Reviews should be conducted by the advisor The Review form should be completed by the advisor during the review.
Submit Review Form

^^Generally speaking, if you submit an online form for something you do not have to upload the file. Only items emailed to you by the family or completed offline by you need to be submitted.

NOTE: regardless of how you submit the form, each family MUST fill out the family file using Excel and maintain their record online. Transcripts are generated from this information

*** It is the advisee’s responsibility to contact you for a review or meeting. If you contact an advisee and receive no response, please let us know.


Due dateStandardRecord-Keeping
9/15– Required – first year
families meet with advisor
– Optional – meet with returning
– Paperwork – Educational Methods
Summary for each student
– Required – meet in person
or virtually
– Paperwork – Educational Methods
Summary for each student
1/1 & 2/1
Each advisee must check in with their advisor
via phone, email, virtual conferencing, or in-person
1st Semester Portfolio Review
2-3 Student Samples per subject/per month
6/1 & 8/10
Annual portfolio review, in-person or virtual2nd Semester Portfolio Review
2-3 Student Samples per subject/per month
6/15Deadline for membership renewalDeadline for membership renewal
6/15Payment due for next yearPayment due for next year

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